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A Game About Pushing Blocks

I've been on a big Sokoban kick these past few days. Sokoban, if you didn't know, is an old puzzle game about pushing boxes into designated spaces. It was well-received upon its release for its many well-designed puzzles and spawned many clones.

I thought it'd be fun to make my own clone of Sokoban, so I did. I call it "Blox".

A screenshot of the third level of Blox.
A screenshot of the third level of Blox.
Blox is a very simple block-pushing game inspired by Sokoban. In Blox, you play as a smiley face whose job is to push blocks into the designated areas. It features simple graphics and sounds, and a handful of levels. I made it in two days just for fun.

You can click here to play Blox or you can click here to view Blox's source code.

What are your thoughts about Blox and its puzzles? Let me know in the comments!