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First Time Participating in a Game Jam

A few weekends ago I participated in TINS 2016, a 72-hour game-making competition. I have written a handful of small computer games in the past, but this was my first time making a game for an actual game jam. I ended up coming in second place.

The competition sported a series of randomly-selected rules and requirements. A few of which included snow graphics, a crafting mechanic, path-finding, and displaying some Unicode characters. My game has them all.

I was pretty beat by the end of the competition, but the end result was a working game that met all of the requirements. I named the game "Mori".

Trading with one of the locals.
Trading with one of the locals.
The game takes place in a pseudo randomly-generated forest, complete with plant life and villagers. Collect resources to trade with said villagers to get snowballs. Blanket enough of the forest with snow and you will win.

You can check out the game on GitHub, and can read my progress logs here. You can download the Windows binary with source code included here.

Do you make games and/or participate in game jams? Let me know in comments!