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Help This Cat Find Her Lost Kittens

Making a game over the course of a weekend was a blast back in May. When I saw that the guys over at the Allegro community were throwing together another game-making event, I just knew I had to participate. So I did.

The event this time was called "KrampusHack"—a loosely organized game jam based on the popular Christmas game called "Secret Santa". Each participant submitted a wishlist of game ideas, and then made a game for another participant based on their wishlist.

I was assigned to a guy named Mark who likes cats. The end result was Kitten Kerfuffle, a game about helping Nini, a mother cat, find her lost kittens in the woods.

Nini and two of her kittens.
Nini and two of her kittens.
In Kitten Kerfuffle, you assume the role of Nini, a mother cat who has lost her kittens. You have until nightfall to find all ten of your kittens, lest they will succumb to below freezing temperatures overnight. Will you find them all in time?

Just like with my last game, Kitten Kerfuffle's source code is freely available on GitHub. Likewise, pre-compiled versions are available for both Windows and Linux.

Feel free to give the game a gander and leave me your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section! I look forward to hearing from you!