Eric's Blog


Here are a few of the open source projects I have contributed to:


A lightweight Weblog content management system written in PHP. This blog is powered by Kaku. I am its author. You can check out the source code on GitHub.


A game about collecting snowballs in a forest. I wrote it for TINS 2016, where it won 2nd place. The source code is available on GitHub. I also wrote a post about it here.

Kitten Kerfuffle

Kitten Kerfuffle

A short game about finding kittens in a forest. I made it for a guy named Mark during KrampusHack 2016. Find the source code on GitHub, and read a post about it here.

--> Pantheon Terminal

Pantheon Terminal

The official terminal of elementary OS. I contributed a handful of English-to-Japanese translations. You can view my translations on Launchpad.