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Rewriting Kitten Kerfuffle for the Web

Three weeks ago, I rewrote Mori in JavaScript so it could be playable in Web browsers, and today I am happy to announce that Kitten Kerfuffle is now also playable in Web browsers. You can play it right now at this link.

A preview of Kitten Kerfuffle.
A preview of Kitten Kerfuffle.
I originally made Kitten Kerfuffle during KrampusHack 2016, a game-making event inspired by "Secret Santa". While I was happy with how the game turned out, I felt like I could have done more with it. As I was working on rewriting the game in JavaScript, I decided to take the opportunity to add just a little more content and polish. I am happy with the results.

Like with my other games and projects, Kitten Kerfuffle's source code and assets are open and freely available on GitHub. Viewing source code is a good way to learn code. ;)

What do you think about Kitten Kerfuffle? Let me know in the comments!