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Rewriting Mori for the Web

Last year I created a simple game about an eyepatch-wearing blue blob whose mission is to blanket a randomly-generated forest with snow. I made it in just 72 hours for a weekend game jam—where it scored 2nd place overall—and named it "Mori".

Mori in all its pixelated glory.
Mori in all its pixelated glory.
I decided to rewrite Mori over the weekend from scratch in JavaScript using a library of my own making called "Momo". In short, everything went better than expected, and the end result is a near one-to-one recreation of the original experience with a few extras.

What's new? Visually and mechanically, the game is the same now as it was in its original form, but now it's conveniently playable in your Web browser. And just like with my other games and projects, Mori's source code is open on GitHub. Click here to play Mori now.

What do you think about Mori and it being playable on the Web now? Would you like to see me rewrite my other games for the Web? I'd love to hear from you, so let me know your thoughts in the comments!