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Verloren Postmortem

Earlier this week I created a space-themed game called Verloren for a unique competition whereby each submission had to be no larger than 13 kilobytes in size. Despite having an entire month to work on the game, I threw it together in just two days.

Fitting all of the code and assets into a 13 kilobyte package was difficult, but the end result was a simple, but fun, game about avoiding enemies in space. You can play it here.

A preview of Verloren.
A preview of Verloren.
The Plan
The competition kicked off on the 13th of August, but it was not until the 9th of September that the idea of creating a space-themed game came to me. I wanted the objective of the game to be about maneuvering a spaceship, firing projectiles, and avoiding enemies and asteroids. Due to size restraints, I had to cut asteroids in the middle of development, but enemies and projectiles survived.

At one point, enemies would fire projectiles toward the player, but due to a bug involving the speed of projectiles versus the velocity of enemies, I had to remove them. I instead changed the behavior of enemies to ram the player, and then ultimately decided upon having them carry out individual kamikaze attacks.

What Went Right
What Went Wrong
All things considered, I am happy with how Verloren turned out. I put the source code on GitHub for anyone who is interested, which can be found here. If you had fun playing my game, or found this post to be interesting, please let me know in the comments, and be sure to also take a look at the other 253 competition entries here.